3 pm Crash!

Say goodbye to the 3pm crash – for good!


It’s around 3:00 pm.

And you start to continually yawn.

Your body feels groggy.

You struggle to concentrate.

And you’d gladly take a nap.

If this happens to you often, then your brain might be oxygen-deprived.

…and it’s more serious than you think.

Stress, a less-than-ideal diet, and having to sit around for most of the day
only aggravate this oxygen deprivation. And whether you realize it or not,
it could be causing permanent damage to your brain and putting you at
risk of life-threatening neuro-degenerative conditions.

However… Fixing it is much easier than you think.


NeuroActiv6 has been specifically designed to include polyphenol compounds, nootropics, and bio-active ingredients that work to promote a healthy inflammatory response, lower oxidative stress and support healthy cortisol levels, raise BDNF levels, and promote “neural communication”; enabling neurons to talk to each other more effectively.  Read more about it or order it here