1. I definitely love goal setting. I find that it’s better that I have something to work towards rather than ramble about mindlessly.

    All the best with your goals

  2. I honestly have had time to stop and step goals and I guess this would be a good time to do that! I know I need to slow down and work on my blog more. I am behind on that. I have so many ideas for it and things I want to share but finding time to get them there – so I guess that would be a great goal – make more time for my blog . I’ve been a little overwhelmed with family things and doing for so many people , I haven’t made time for myself.

    • I hear you Debbie! I started a new adventure selling Plexus and trying to do all my training for that and working a part time job on the weekends has me feeling a little overwhelmed and the Blog feeling a little lonely! It’s been a hectic week. You’ll get to it eventually just don’t burn yourself out like I always do lol!

      • I have a ton of focus groups that I have been trying to do projects for as well and I really need to do those because it helps me financially so I try to keep up with those so it’s hard finding time for everything. I have so many people in the family who call and need me to do things and I am having to let “my things” go. I am hoping after the holidays, I can get back on track!

  3. I’m a huge fan of goal setting, so this post is perfect for me! I love how you categorized your goals based on different areas of your life – blogging, family, and personal. You have officially inspired me to start thinking about my New Year Resolutions! πŸ™‚

    – Kaitlin

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