1. Nice article! Most skin care tips seem to be focused on anti-aging and dry skin, so it’s nice to finally read something about oily skin! One recommendation I’d have for oily skin is daily exfoliation with Acure brand “brightening facial scrub”.

  2. I’ve always been pretty terrible about skin care. I suppose it’s time I get started on that, isn’t it. I was still under the impression that toners were mostly alcohol, so thanks for clearing that up. And thanks for sharing at the #happynowlinkup!

    • Yes I was too but I did some research after getting a sample of Mario Badescu toners and found out that not all toners are the same. That is why most skin care companies now offer more than one type of toner. There are still some out there with alcohol in them for the people who do benefit from those but now they are catering more products to people with sensitive skin.

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