• I am so sorry to hear that. It’s always rough, and eye opening, when things like this happens. The thing many people don’t even realize is that, statistically, someone close to them has considered or attempted suicide. I hope you and your loved ones keep finding success to your inner peace and happiness.

  1. Thank you so much this blog. I think this is important theme. I am as a Spiritual Parenting Coach deal a lots of the prevencion of childhood suicide. I am happy than I found this post.

    • I believe spiritual coaching is a great tool for helping our younger generation understand themselves better and feel accepted. I went to a non-denominational christian boarding school as a teen and at the time I wasn’t so into it but now that I am older I can say a lot of the values I was taught there stuck with me. Keep up the awesome work with our youth because in this day and age they really need the guidance!

  2. Wow. You’ve been through so much and seem to be doing so well. So thrilled to see that! This was a great post. That statistic (800K people commit suicide each year) blows my mind. The city I live in only has 900K people! Really puts things into perspective.

    Thanks for sharing this positive message!

    • Thank you! Yes it has been a lot of hard work and every day presents its new challenges still but I keep on truckin’. Blogging has really helped me focus my negative energy on something more positive and seems to be one of those hidden passions I have always had. The statistics blew my mind too. There was so much more mind blowing things I read about it to but to include everything would have been waaaay to long lol! I am glad you enjoyed the post.

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