1. You have courage to tell your story, I read the whole series. I once had five years of sobriety, but it’s gone now. I’ll never forget the support groups I went to. I hope to find my way back.

    • There is ALWAYS a way back…don’t let your mind fool you because the minute you let it is when all hell breaks loose and that is the moment I found myself waking up in a cop car on the way to the hospital. I know a lot of addicts and past addicts are afraid to even talk about it because of the fear people who have always been sober instill in us in admitting our flaw. The world is a very cruel place and you can not make everyone understand why you do or did what you do and honestly you don’t owe anyone an explanation but your own self…apologize to the ones you hurt and if they don’t accept it than move on. Don’t give any one the power over you to make you feel more hurt and eventually fall backwards just keep working towards the top. I never went to groups or rehab and tried therapy a few times. That stuff is personally not for me. I feel like those are just more places to find other addicts and peer pressure when one falls. It’s almost like dominos. I literally had to remove my self from the whole situation and leave. Delete every one and everything I knew. It’s almost been 2 years and honestly it is still a challenge every day but it’s slowly getting better and it is a lot nicer waking up not wondering how or when I am going to get my next hit and sweating and cramping to death! Peace be with you. If you ever need support or someone to talk to you can email me at nitefallenstar13@att.net

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