1. I totally agree with you that resolutions need to be broken down into mini goals. One resolution I set in 2016 was to budget and track expenses. I’m still working on this goal. My word for 2017 ( my first time choosing one) is “spark joy”. I want to be an expert in what sparks joy for me. I’m excited to see how choosing a word helps guide my decisions and actions!

  2. Ahhh, you just got it so right. I actually dread the first week of New Year as everyone I bump into wants to know the new resolution and at times I make them under so much peer pressure πŸ˜‰ But I do agree in making small resolutions to achieve the ultimate goal.

    • I totally agree with you. The key is we were thinking about our resolutions before the New Year even happened. Why do we wait…I have no clue…but there is no better time than to start at the moment you think of the goal. If it seems like a huge task just break it down to where it’s not so daunting. Plus, the thrill of accomplishing different things through out the year is way more fun than celebrating once and having nothing else to look forward to.

  3. I don’t typically do a resolution, because I never end up doing it. So now I just make any moment a chance to try to live healthier. These are all great points and part of the reason I decided to not put the pressure of resolution on at the beginning of the year. Good luck with seeing yours through!!

    • You are totally right! I feel like people put to much pressure on themselves to be perfect at the beginning of the year and it just causes you to feel worst than if you were to just do you and do what makes you happy. Plus, I know for the longest time I just dove right into my resolutions with no plan but to just get it done and see results but that also caused a lot of pressure. For some reason people feel like they have to have this short amount of time to do what they need instead of just planning and spacing everything out so it can go as smoothly as possible. Thank you and good luck with your goals in 2017 as well!!!

  4. I completely agree with your points in here. I don’t make big lofty goals. I do small attainable goals that build off the last one.

    • You go girl! That’s how it should be done. You can have your big main goal but all you need to do is break that down into the smaller goals it takes to obtain them and just focus on those. Big goals take awhile to accomplish and if you just focus on that eventually you will just get frustrated and give up. At least that’s how I was. Making the goals small will account for a smoother path to the prize at the end of the road. Thank you for sharing Pam and good luck with all your resolutions in 2017!

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