1. I enjoyed this so much! I love hearing from other bloggers about their why/how/when stories of blogging, and it’s great to relate to them more. And I’m also a sucker for Pixar movies haha.

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  2. This was such a fun read–I love how light and conversational it is. I’m a blogger, so I’m definitely going to follow this blog AND Coming Up Roses because, hello, helpful! I’ve been blogging since 2011, but it’s only this past year, when I became a momma, that I found my niche in mommy blogging in addition to blogging about faith, which I was doing before. Anyway, this past year has been a revamp and fresh start kind of year, so I’m open to any and all help I can get to grow. Looks like I found some of that today! So excited!

    • I’m so happy you found a source of inspiration in this post and my blog. Erica’s blog Coming Up Roses is jammed pack with helpful info on blogging and she is about to come out with an awesome course called #BossPitch which you can sign up for through the link in my post. I am also in a niche transition myself. I’m a year and month in and decided it was also time for a change. Good luck, thank you for the support, and I can’t wait to connect with you through my newsletters so don’t forget to sign up for them if you haven’t!

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