1. Amy Orvin

    The Grinch Cookies look so awesome! My favorite holiday recipe is something called Chinese Chewies that my mom makes. They are super sweet with lots of sugar, butter and nuts. Yum! My mouth waters just thinking about them.

  2. Thanks Marie for including our Florida Fudge in your post! What a fun roundup. Those Grinch Cookies are so cute, I am going to have to try those. Special thinks to your friend Patty who introduced us. I am going to pin this and put a shout out on Facebook, plus take a look at the rest of your blog. It looks like a great one!

    • Thank you so much and yes bloggers need to support bloggers and I am so happy she submitted your recipe to me! I didn’t think I could do a holiday post with something Grinch because he tends to nosey his way into my holidays a lot lol! Thank you for the share!

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