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Candy Club Review

What Exactly is Candy Club? Candy Club is the Premiere Candy of the Month Club aka subscription box.  They bring the candy store directly to your door. Their candy experts carefully design your package. They start by selecting the most popular, best-loved, candies from nostalgic favorites to contemporary treats. What Makes Them Different? My favorite… Continue reading Candy Club Review


At-Home Microneedling : Yes or No

Earlier this month, I got my copy of Allure Magazine and discovered an article on microneedling. To my shock I have not actually heard of this facial skin care procedure that has been around since the 80’s. What caught my attention even more is that you can now do it from the comfort of your… Continue reading At-Home Microneedling : Yes or No


Ryan Murphy Gives Inspiration to Parents and Children

Last night, 21 year old swimming Olympian Ryan Murphy, gave me so much inspiration to write this post for parents and children. If you missed it, he won the 100M backstroke in record shattering 51.97s seconds and won his first gold medal ever in an international competition at the 2016 Rio Olympics. While this feat… Continue reading Ryan Murphy Gives Inspiration to Parents and Children

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Back To School Deals

Nothing beats showing up to school on your first day of school like having the cutest jeans on the playground or the freshest pair of sneaks! That’s why I compiled a list of deals going on with my 3 favorite kids clothes store. As a mom I love dressing my kids up because I don’t… Continue reading Back To School Deals

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‘Chiaroscuro’ Book Tour Launch + $40 Amazon Gift Card & Ebooks Giveaway

Chiaroscurio – The Mouse and the Candle By: Matthew S. Cox Publisher: Curiosity Quills Genres: Horror, Dark Fantasy, Paranormal Release Date: July 18, 2016 Synopsis God’s will be done. After eleven years as a priest living by these words, Father Antonio Molinari never imagined who would teach his strongest lesson of faith―a vampire. Part of… Continue reading ‘Chiaroscuro’ Book Tour Launch + $40 Amazon Gift Card & Ebooks Giveaway

My Diary

The Beginning To An End

It’s been a year and a half and I can still remember the day I succumbed to my addiction like it was yesterday. The random flashbacks come and go but when they come they don’t leave without taking another piece of me with them. I always believed what sober people said…if you just get sober… Continue reading The Beginning To An End


Ways I Earn Free Gift Cards Online

A lot of people are afraid to try and earn free gift cards and money online because so many times in the past these methods have turned out to be scams. I know this was my biggest concern starting out but I have found some legitimate sites over the past year that actually work! I… Continue reading Ways I Earn Free Gift Cards Online

My Diary

It Is Time To Confess

This is not a religious series I will be starting but some may view it at as spiritual, uplifting, and inspirational! Today I woke up and my own personal quote crossed my mind: “The confidence to allow yourself to be free will make you happier than anything in this world!” -Me I inspired myself and… Continue reading It Is Time To Confess

Holidays and Events

Prime Day Deal from Horseloverz

Prime Day Deal from! Take 12% OFF $110+ with code PRIME12OFF on 7/12 only! Affiliate-exclusive offer! Prime Day Deal from! FREE SHIPPING on orders $59+ all day on 7/12 only! No code needed!

Giveaways, Sweeps, & Contests

Barnes & Noble Gift Card Giveaway

I am looking for a new To Give And Get header photo to be featured at the top of my page as well as matching banners for my various social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google +. The banners need to flow with the colors already existing on my site as well… Continue reading Barnes & Noble Gift Card Giveaway